How many people live in Budapest?
About 100.000
It has 5 million inhabitants
Less than 2 million people

Hen do parties

Hen do ideas in Budapest

Visiting Budapest as a tourist is a breathtaking experience, a true adventure itself. The Pearl of the Danube offers many beautiful sights and programs – but it is also known as one of the greatest cities in Europe for partying. If you want to throw a hen weekend, the Hungarian capital is your ideal destination.

First of all, you have great opportunities to relax. Dozens of spas and thermal baths await you in the city where you can spend a whole day just resting and relaxing, getting every last ounce of stress out of your system.

But if you organize a hen weekend, merely relaxing is not what you are looking for – it is only part of the experience. So where should you look to throw the party of your lifetime?

If you want to go and explore the city for yourself, you will find a great number of bars and clubs where you can dance your feet off, drink cocktails and have fun. And if you don't want to just wander around in the Party District of Budapest, you can hire a guide, who will take you to the best places. This way you can visit all the interesting places and have the best experiences guaranteed.

If you are an adrenaline junkie, in the daytime you can go to airsoft and paintball fields, go karting. You can rent a limo which will take you through the most beautiful parts of the city.

You can have a trip to local breweries, taste vines or get familiar with Hungarian cuisine. There are of course other opportunities like ice skating, but you can even rent a boat for your group where you can sightsee and party undisturbed. While stag parties favour pub crawl sessions hen weekends are a bit different.

If you want to up the experience a little, you can of course also call male strippers – you can even ask your guide to take you to discreet nightclubs where you can have a last wild night with the girls.

You are really only limited by your imagination – whatever kind of activity you are looking for, the Hungarian capital will offer you only the best opportunities to fulfill your fantasies. The locals are friendly, prices are low, and the services are of exceptional quality.

For those coming from Western Europe the prices will be surprisingly low: you will find that you can have the party of your life and still come out cheaper including the journey than if you have done all of this at home…