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About 100.000
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Less than 2 million people

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You've probably thought about what you would do if you won a large amount of money when playing casino games like online pokies, poker, blackjack. Since the inception of online casinos, hundreds of players have become hundreds of millions of dollars richer. This is mainly thanks to jackpot games like Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune Wheel. You can't prepare for things like this, they happen unexpectedly. However, it is always good to have at least a rough idea of what to do in such cases. These games can also be tried at the popular casino site bet365 or on Slotaholic slots in Canada or WinPokieSlots in Australia.

Better not to blab if you've won big

Two basic things go through most people's minds when they suddenly win a large sum of money. The first is what they're going to do with their winnings, and the second is that they're going to share the news with everyone.

Of course, it's best to avoid this. Wait until the adrenaline rush and the joy subside and you can, so to speak, think soberly about what to do now. After all, it's no secret to anyone what human nature is like, there are always a number of "good friends" and close relatives who always know better what to spend and where not to invest. This leads to many unpleasant situations that should be avoided. Moreover, as word spreads of the prize, we can expect unpleasant surprises, whether in the form of burglars or beggars. It is therefore only worth sharing this good news with someone close to you, someone you trust completely and are sure of their good intentions. 

Don't spend without thinking

Almost everyone's first thought would be a new car, a new house, maybe a holiday, or all sorts of electrical and household novelties, gifts for family members and close friends, etc. However, the worst thing you can do is to start spending immediately. It is easy to fall into the delusion that money will last forever and that we can do anything. Even if we win more money than we could ever earn in a lifetime, that doesn't mean we can't spend it all, and it could even end up in debt. Let's not let a win lead to the biggest regret of our lives.

It is definitely worth seeking the advice of one or more professionals to help you manage your finances and investments. If you do well, you'll never have financial problems again. Of course, you can surprise yourself with a few little things, and a holiday is certainly possible, and in time you may even buy a new car and a house, but it's certainly not worth rushing things or overdoing things. By and large you should continue with the same old lifestyle, with a few positive changes. Don't lose yourself, stay true to your own style and keep the people you care about close to you, money can easily separate you from them too if you're not careful.

Work or holiday forever?

In addition, it's definitely worth considering whether to put your current job on hold or continue with your current lifestyle. It's probably worth continuing, even if you're not keen on your current job and are thinking of going to the boss to hand in your notice. Let's hold out at least until we can see our new options. This will also help us to cope with the sudden shock, as many people can become depressed after a big win, when they make drastic changes to their lifestyle and suddenly find themselves unable to cope with their new situation.

And if you are already happy with your job or working in a field you like, you can in a sense call yourself a winner so far. But if you are dissatisfied, or have a specific idea of what you would like to do differently, better, maybe start your own business, it is worth consulting someone and only after exhaustive research should you start to realise your dreams.

Don't let your relationships change

Money is a great thing to have, but the question is how should you share it with others, or should you share it at all? Even if you manage to keep the news of your winnings in an inner circle, you should still expect to be surrounded by close family and best friends. The best choice is to think about who and what you want to surprise/gift them with before you tell them the news of your prize. Of course, if we want to share part of our prize with them, but on the other hand, this can lead to unpleasant situations, there are bound to be some people who would not be happy to accept gifts, but there are also some who would be overwhelmed and immediately expect us to change their lives completely. Let's prepare ourselves spiritually and not lose sight of the point.

Let them know that we don't want money to come between us and change any of our relationships, and that we want to work towards building a secure financial environment and future for ourselves, and that we don't want to squander our good fortune, so we'd rather save. Of course, we can surprise everyone with something, or help those we have counted on in life so far. We just need to keep within healthy limits and think of ourselves first and foremost. We should not let any of our human relationships deteriorate, but if someone turns away from us because of this, at least we will know that we have misjudged and misjudged them.

Be yourself, don't be irresponsible

We often hear of winners whose lives have been tragically changed by a large prize. One example is a young man who immediately bought a huge and expensive sports bike. However, he did not have the necessary knowledge or experience of motorcycling, but he did not consider them important. He crashed on his first trip and died on the spot. Money does not make you better or invulnerable. However, money can help you learn, improve yourself, learn new things, but nothing falls into your lap, you have to work for everything.  Money only makes you happy if you know what to do with it.

Let's think about what we can really afford. If you buy a huge, fancy luxury house, remember that like everything else, it has maintenance costs, bills to pay and upkeep. But let's also remember to consider whether we will really enjoy living in this place, because spending such a large amount of money just because we feel we can afford it at the moment is not a good idea. Easy come, easy go is a really big, big nonsense. It should be appreciated, once you have been so lucky, it is a rare thing. more on this on Pokies 777 website.


Luck is a very fickle and strange thing, you never know when you are in the right place at the right time. But sometimes it's worth giving fate a chance. There are a number of really good online casinos available in Australia and Canada. These include FairGO, Ozwin, Woo, Uptown Pokies, Playamo, iLucki.

What are online pokies in Australia?

In Australia, "pokies" is a commonly used term for slot machines. The word "pokies" is derived from "poker machines," which were originally the predominant type of slot machines in the country. Over time, the term "pokies" has become synonymous with all types of slot machines in Australia, regardless of their specific gameplay or themes.

While pokies and slot games share many similarities, there are a few notable differences that are specific to Australia:

  1. Terminology: As mentioned earlier, the term "pokies" is used exclusively in Australia to refer to slot machines. In other parts of the world, including the United States, Canada, and Europe, they are generally referred to as "slot machines" or "slots."

  2. Design and Themes: Australian pokies often feature distinct design elements and themes tailored to the local market. They frequently incorporate symbols and graphics that are unique to Australian culture, such as kangaroos, koalas, iconic landmarks, and indigenous themes.

  3. Regulations and Features: Australia has specific regulations governing pokies, which differ from those in other countries. For example, Australian pokies typically have a higher maximum bet limit compared to slot machines in other jurisdictions. Additionally, they may include unique bonus features, free spin rounds, and interactive mini-games to enhance the gameplay experience.

  4. Location: In Australia, pokies can be found in various venues, including casinos, pubs, clubs, and even standalone gaming lounges. They are widely accessible throughout the country, making them a popular form of entertainment for many Australians.

Despite these differences, the core concept of pokies remains the same as slot games worldwide. Players spin the reels in hopes of landing winning combinations and triggering bonus features to maximize their payouts. The thrill and excitement of playing pokies are comparable to slot games in other parts of the world, offering a vibrant and immersive gambling experience.