How many people live in Budapest?
About 100.000
It has 5 million inhabitants
Less than 2 million people

Hungary for business: health & medical tourism

Hungary offers a great deal of services for people from UK, Ireland and other  countries. At our site the focus is on helping English language websites to get some attention on google and other platforms. Should you be interested in Hungarian citizenship, read our recap on it.

FACT: Hungary is a hot spot for medical tourism - dental holidays, hair transplant and cosmetic surgery are the most popular areas. For UK hair transplant info visit and find out if you are an ideal candidate for hair loss surgery.

Also, among young adults especially, Budapest ranks high for stag parties, hen do weekends and wine tasting tours.

There a good number of websites which target people living outside Hungary and compete in the international arena for business. One of them is hair transplant guide that has plenty of information on hair transplantation like body hair or facial hair transplant.

The other traditionally popular tourism area is dental implantology - foreigners come to have a full mouth dental rehabilitation and they save about 60% if not more.

Why Budapest, Hungary for medical treatments?

This country has a lot to offer its visitors. Medical treatment of all kind, piss-up parties for the young and many other typers of business and services - medical, hair surgery and dental treatment among others.

Most people want answers to the following question:

  • What time is it in Hungary?
  • What is the capital of Hungary?
  • What is the weather like in Budapest?
  • How many people live in Hungary?
  • What sites are worth a visit?

Or they want to find Hungary on the map. People are interested in weather or time zones too. And the Hungarian girls...

Budapest is in the limelight of tourists from all over the world. Liszt Ferenc airport receives hundreds of airlines from major international destinations. Budget airlines (Wizzair, Ryanair) are the most popular way to reach the country.

A country of 10 million inhabitants with thousands of expats living in Budapest is a hub for many nations that either study, work or just make their holidays here and do a pub crawl in one of the wine bars in downtown.